Inviting team members

By sharing your Yavi schedule with other members of your team, you can make sure everyone is on the same page and turns up for their shifts. When multiple team members are on Yavi, you can also chat to discuss shift changes and more.

To start inviting, go to "Contacts" and tap "Invite"

Invite by phone number (recommended)

If you have your team member's phone number in your phone contacts,  select "Invite from contacts" then add all the contacts you would like to invite. When you're ready, tap send. The invitees will receive an SMS with a link to get the app, and when they sign in they will immediately be in your team.

Share invite URL

If you want to share a link to join your Yavi team in a WhatsApp or Facebook group (or something similar), select "Share invite URL" and choose the app you would like to share your invite link to. Invitees can click the link to get the app, then enter the team invite key displayed on the invite page to join your team securely.

Share joining key

If you want to print out a poster or tell someone how to join in person, select "Help someone join in person". Your team joining key will be displayed. Tell team members to get the Yavi app, sign and tap "Join existing team", then enter this key (e.g. slowtractor384).