Managing schedule names

Schedule names are the names which appear in your schedule uploads. Because they don't always match 100% to the members in your team, Yavi needs you to choose your own schedule names.

Each time a schedule upload is processed new names may be added so check your schedule names regularly to ensure your shifts are linked to you correctly.

What are they used for?

  • Shift reminders
  • Notifications when shifts are added, edted or deleted
  • Highlighting your shifts in the schedule
  • Letting you filter the schedule to see only your own shifts

In short, having your schedule name selected ensures you get the schedule notifications you need to see and makes it easier to see your own shifts in the app.

How do I choose my schedule names?

  1. In the Yavi app, go to Settings
  2. Tap on your team
  3. Tap "Schedule names"
  4. Select all the schedule names which represent you
  5. Tap the confirm button

How can I edit or delete schedule names?

The schedule upload system is not always perfect so we encourage you to check your shifts and schedule names after each upload. You may find typos or duplicate names.

It is not yet possible to manage schedule names in the Yavi app, but if you message Yavi Helper, we will happily fix names for you.