Changing your phone number

Yavi secures your account by linking it to your phone number. Every time you sign in, you will have to provide a 4-digit pin code sent to your phone number.

To change your phone number, follow these steps:

  • Save your new number as a contact on your phone
  • In Yavi, go to Contacts > Invite > Invite by phone number
  • Choose the contact for your new phone number
  • Tap send
  • Install Yavi on your new phone (or just re-install the app if you just have a new number)
  • When you are asked to sign in, enter your new phone number
  • Enter the pin code sent to your new number
  • Select your schedule names (and confirm that your old account should stop receiving notifications)

You should now have a new Yavi account for your new phone number, and you will be a member of the team you left.

To remove your old account:

  • In Yavi, go to Contacts and tap the settings cog icon next to your team name
  • Tap the '...' icon next to your name (your old account)
  • Tap "Remove from team"

If you have any questions about this, just ask Yavi Helper!