Uploading a schedule

Instead of creating shifts one-by-one on Yavi, the app magically imports shifts from a photo of your existing paper schedule or spreadsheet.

How to upload

  1. Open the Yavi app
  2. Open your team conversation
  3. Tap the schedule in message composer at the bottom of the screen
  4. Tap to choose an image from your phone gallery, or take a photo
  5. Check that all names, dates and shifts are visible and in focus
  6. Confirm the image

Your schedule upload will be sent in the conversation. Schedule Helper will let you know that your upload has been received successfully. 

It usually takes our system 2-3 hours to process a schedule.

When your upload has been processed, you will get a notification (make sure you turn them on). You can then tap the 'View schedule' button to see your team schedule.

Accepted schedules

Yavi accepts images of any schedule or rota in a grid format, with names down one side, dates along the other and shift details at the intersections.

Yavi works with screenshots or photos of files (e.g. Excel files or PDFs), but does not support uploading files directly.

Yavi does not currently integrate with any schedule systems (e.g. Kronos, Deputy, Humanity, Shiftboard, etc). If you'd like to discuss a custom integration for your company, please contact our enterprise integrations team: info@yaviapp.com.